About Us

Our Story

Deciding to live a healthier life is not easy, nor does it become your lifestyle instantaneously. It takes planning, commitment and most of all motivation. Our story came by accident, as we welcomed our Chocolate Lab into our home and noticed she needed structure, exercise and LOTS of training. In order to comply with everything she needed (and our peace of mind) we decided to teach her to walk outside every morning.

It took several months of pulling and chasing, but we got her into a routine, or better yet she got us into a routine. Soon we were running and participating in several 5k events. We discovered the great world of virtual runs and challenged ourselves to maintain our new lifestyle while motivating others to join us. It was then, after witnessing results and stories of success whether health related, weight loss or self esteem that we decided to continue to motivate people to live better lives while enjoying themselves.

We are motivated by helping others lead active lives, to be a part of a community who enjoys the outdoors. And most of all we want to recognize the efforts put into being healthy. So, let those medals shine! Create a bragging wall, collect them all! We do!